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Anti Drone Systems

Product specification

  • AntiDrone-L1V1-G8 Aerospace passive L1 sUAS sensor up to 10km
  • AntiDrone L1/L2 RF detection hardware 360 degree up to 5km
  • Fortem R30 Radar Fortem R30 Radar 1.5km range P4 drone
  • Software Jammer CUAS integration license 3 years
  • AntiDrone-OMNI-360 AntiDrone 360 Omni Jammer up to 1.5km
  • AntiDrone-Radar Integrations Radar integration license
  • Installation Setup & training Full system installation, software setup & training
  • AntiDrone SuP Yearly update to RF database to detect new drones on the market, software updates, radar maintenance, upgrade and calibration onsite services

Critical areas

  • Airports, Government Areas, Power Plants, Military Installations, National Key Points, Private Property, Refineries, Border Control, Railways, & Harbors.

How it works

  • It is a portable device which can be enclosed in a pelican case with a weight of 100kg
  • The unit is portable and can be deployed within 30min
  • It can be utilized at temporary units and while mobile
  • It offers real-time protection of large-scale sites
  • Fully operational while in transit
  • It can monitor a range of up to 50km
  • It can intercept a drone as fast as 2 seconds( the instant the pilot starts communication with the drone even before takeoff)

Detect & identify

  • Clear cut visibility of UAS flying in your area accurate GPS location of UAV, its operator and its home location, rendered on a map
  • UAS location updates in real-time GPS location updates every second, creating a flight path for you to follow
  • Multiple Sensing Technologies layered together RF, Radar, Remote ID – all types of data brought together to detect all types of drones

Classify risks

  • Quick and reliable alerts real – time alerts via pop-up, email, and text, when a drone enters your detection area
  • UAS Information to access drone threat classify a drone threat based on its payload capacity, drone make and model, duration of flight, speed, altitude and more
  • Monitor critical areas and get alerted of breaches set boundaries and create alert zones that can notify personnel assigned to that area

Respond and resolve

  • Get to the pilot Use the pilot GPS location and dispatch security to resolve the incident
  • Cue Jammers and drone interceptors Send the UAV GPS co-ordinates to a jammer or interceptor to neutralize drone threat
  • Cue Drone Spoofers to land a drone send UAV GPS coordinates to a spoofer that takes over communication and lands or sends a drone home

3 layers of the unit

  • Layer #1 Detect using true view radar systems
  • Layer #2 Assess
  • Layer #3 Defeat using drone hunter, Net gun, Drone Hangar